Generation Perfect

This serie is called Interpretation of a Generation. Boudewien van den Berg selected 23 classmates to ask them about themselves, expectations and perfection. After that she made portraits and with the help of photoshop she modeled all the faces to ‘perfect’ faces by the Golden Ratio. With the same distance between the eyes, nose and mouth. With the same size eyes, nose and mouth and with the same shape of the jaws. A lot of young people these days strive to perfection. The portraits look really good, very nice photoshopped. In the beginning I thought the faces were mirrored, but I found out that only the eyes are mirrored. If you click a photo and then browse trough them all you will get a good image of the proportions in the faces. The first picture is a portrait of Boudewien herself.

link Thnx Jeroen